Together building
and protecting young people's
mental wellbeing with GRIT
Together building
and protecting young people's
mental wellbeing with GRIT
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  • 24 hour access to the fully resourced GWG GRIT program
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  • GRIT lessons - G=Growth Mindset, R=Resilience, I=Inner-Self, T=Try Hard Rule
  • Supporting lesson resources
  • Bonus classroom resources
  • GWG Display Posters
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The Growing With Gratitude Program empower’s primary-school aged children with valuable tools and skills to help them lead healthy, successful and productive lives.

This contributes to the Education Department’s Wellbeing for Learning and Life Framework, which supports students to be more resilient and engage in positive experiences, form stronger friendships, be more optimistic and show increased self-esteem.

John Gardner
Minister for Education
South Australia
We are loving the Growing With Gratitude program in our Reception class. I am teaching a lesson a week, then we use that topic for sharing time the following week. Children are also taking the lesson home and discussing it with their families. It’s also a lovely way to start our day every morning. Thank you so much for a wonderful program.”

Jessica Kotsoglous
Teacher Reception / Prep, Gawler East Primary School
South Australia
With our Growing With Gratitude practice I have learnt before you judge someone put yourself in the other persons shoes.

Year 4, Black Forest Primary School
South Australia
We love GWG. The opportunity to talk about tools on a regular basis is making a difference to the children in our community. It’s strange how we think that doing something like this once would work, when nothing else in education is taught once and assumed to be mastered. The more we read and understand people and children, the more we see the need to practice, repeat and have another go–especially in the good times.

Anne-Marie Schmidt
Deputy Head of Junior campus P-6,
Prince of Peace Lutheran College
I learnt that it’s important to look at things from other peoples perspectives and I also learnt that it’s important to be grateful for little things that not everyone might have.

Year 7, Westbourne Park Primary School
South Australia
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